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What’s in my personalised building portal?

Building portals have become trendy lately. But not all building portals are created equal. They’re only as good as the time and energy put into them – and bless our team, they have put our heart and soul into ours.

La Vida’s building portal is called TM which stands for trademark because when you reach this stage it’s time to make your mark, yours. When you log in you’ll have to access real-time construction updates (including photos… exciting!), your paperwork, a 3D model of your actual home, instant price estimates and so much more.

1000s of selections

TM allows you to choose from 1,000’s of selections from the comfort of home (or bus, train, work – wherever you and your phone is). Bricks, tiles, appliances…Fixtures, finishes, and fittings… It’s all there, and almost all come standard with any home.

Automatic pricing

Most of the products featured on the portal are available at no extra charge as they are part of our standard builder range. However, for the ones that aren’t, (hello upgraded bath) the cost is clearly displayed and calculated in your cart. Because, transparency.

Live 3D render

TM features a (literal) 3D model of your actual home – vs a generic render – which means you can test out how various colours and materials will look on your home from every angle. Refining and saving selections as you go.

Real-time updates

If something’s happened on or off-site, you (and your portal) will know about it that very day. Thanks to the custom integration between our Construction and Portal systems we spent months coding.

Safe and secure and all yours

None of your contracts, plans, or house handovers are ever deleted and your portal remains accessible long after move-in day – so you can find that warranty you need today or seven years from now.

We’ll also save the details of your key contacts, like the name and number of your Site Supervisor, on TM for safekeeping, along with a tonne of FAQs and other helpful info.

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