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Aka, the ones that fund the dream.


Did you know you can get a home of your own with a couple of grand in savings, pending you meet a few criteria? No - well, now you do!

The good news!

Perth, although glorious, doesn’t make it easy to save with all its great culture, events, and food. Oh the food! So it’s little surprise most mark makers, regardless of how keen they are to get into a home of their own, don’t know if they qualify.

The good news? It’s easier than the big business banks make it out to be. You can get a home of your own with a couple of grand in savings, pending you meet a few criteria. Here’s a few options to explore or you can book some time with one of our experts. 

First home owners grant

The one that gets you the free money. $10k worth.

Keystart home loans

The one backed by the WA Government. Thanks Mark.

Guarantor home loan

The one backed by mum and dad. Love you guys

Low deposit home loan

The one for those with just a little in the bank. It all counts.

Construction finance

The one that lets you pay as you go.

Construction finance

The one that you pay as you go.

Ready to do the new home math?


Contact the ones with finance options

You’re unique, and so is your situation. Sometimes speaking to an expert who can make sense of the financials can make all the difference. Our partners at Oui Finance have got you covered, and their advice comes both cost and obligation-free.

Oui Finance

The ones who crunch the numbers

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