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Warranty – Structural

Once you move into your house, we don’t just leave you to fend for yourself – we want
you to feel confident and comfortable in your new home. That’s why we offer a lifetime
structural guarantee! This literally means what it sounds like, we’ll cover any structural
problems that occur with your house – no it’s not too good to be true, but if you’re still a
sceptic, read on for the fine print.

This guarantee applies to all our new home building contracts that are signed after the
1st of January 2021, and it’ll be in place for as long as you own your La Vida home. That’s
how much confidence we have in our quality control process.
So, what’s included?

La Vida’s Responsibilities
We’ll fix the structural failure of any of the following:
Foundation systems, concrete and/or strip footing, according to the Building Code of
Australia and all relevant Australian Standards including AS 2870, Appendix B.
Structural timbers and steel in-wall, or roof framing where structural failure is defined
according to the Building Code of Australia and all relevant Australian Standards including
AS 1684.

Load-bearing brickwork where structural failure is defined pursuant to the Building Code
of Australia and all relevant Australian Standards including AS 4773.
Please note: structural failure is defined as ‘Damage Category 3’ or higher (AS 2870) (so
no, that annoying minor cracking doesn’t count).

For more detailed information about Australian Standards (AS), have a look at the
Standards Web Shop at ( and search
for the relevant standards).

Your responsibility
Of course, you can’t just trash your house and then get it fixed with your structural
guarantee – there are some rules! All you have to do is maintain your home in the way
that’s outlined in your building contract documentation and the CSIRO guide below – if
you don’t, your lifetime structural guarantee will be voided.
WA: CSIRO guide – Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance: A Homeowner’s

Our lifetime structural guarantee doesn’t apply to the following circumstances:
Any problems caused by not completing your responsibilities
Site conditions that occur after settlement and are outside of our control
Damage caused by storms, fire, flooding, drought, or an earthquake
Damage caused by trees growing near the footing of your home
Fair wear and tear
Misuse or neglect
Minor cracking (as defined in AS2870 Appendix B)
Failure to follow the maintenance guidelines provided by us (that’s this document!),
includes things like installing landscaping in areas we have warned against
Any renovations, additions, or other structural changes (including significant landscaping
and pools) which you carry out after the house is completed
This specific warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the proprietor’s occupancy
To make sure things are clear: this structural guarantee doesn’t cover items that are nonstructural, such as marks or scratches on benchtops and vanities.

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