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How does buying a house and land package work?

It’s simple really. Basically, a builder (that’s us) and a developer (Mirvac, LWP, Peet, etc.,) come together to market their two offerings – i.e., their house and their land – as a single, all-inclusive bundle-buy.

To create these, we match the one who knows Perth suburbs like Jamie knows pasta, with the one who knows home design like Gwyneth knows candles. So, you get a house and land package that ticks all the boxes. Your boxes.

If you are looking for a house and land package in Perth, you’re in luck. Our house and land packages stretch from every corner north, south, east, and west. If we could get you a piece of the ocean we would! And while there is a tonne already packaged up on our website here, there are even more just begging to be created. All we need is your brief.

Once you’ve landed on the perfect house and land pairing, there will be a couple of contracts to sign. See, even though house and land packages are a bundle-buy, they do involve signing two separate contracts. Simply because only the builder has the right to sell you the home, and only the developer has the right to sell you the land.

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