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Your laminated surfaces would’ve been checked before handover, so they should be all good
– but they have limited warranties, so you’ll need to take care from now on.

Tips for keeping laminates looking fresh:
• Wash with gentle cleaning products or warm soapy water – no abrasive or acid-based
• Don’t chop food right on the benchtop – use those magical things called chopping
• Keep in mind that these surfaces are moisture resistant, not waterproof
• They’ll stand up to most normal wear and tear.
• Protect them from direct sunlight to avoid the laminate contracting.
• The surface isn’t immune to heat either, so don’t go putting hot kettles, pans, and dishes
straight onto it.
• Use mats or insulated stands under hot appliances like toasters or slow cookers.
• If you spill water across the surface, dry off immediately – otherwise it can seep in and
cause swelling.

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