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Owning a house has loads of benefits – like your money funding your future instead of filling
the pockets of your landlord – but it does mean that you have to take responsibility for things
damn. In your house, the safety of yourself and anyone who visits is down to you – which
means you’ve got to make sure there aren’t any risks for those carrying out maintenance.

Some risky activities to assess:
• Roof access and falls from heights
• Changing light fittings and electrics
• Using chemicals
• Cleaning high windows
You can limit the risk by ensuring these points are met:
• Roof work should only be carried out by a professional.
• Workers should always have a Safe Work Method Statement for the job they are doing,
and they must follow safe work practices.
• Tradespeople must use the right personal protective equipment.
• Workers should have the right training certification and experience to complete the job.
• Electrical work must be completed by a licensed electrician.
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• Switch off the electricity when electrical work is being carried out, or when someone is
in the roof space.
• Plumbing work must only be completed by a licensed plumber.
• Chemicals should be handled by a professional who has the material safety data
information to follow.
• Only a professional window cleaner should clean high windows.

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