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Most plumbing problems should be fixed by a licensed professional – don’t take risks when it
could lead to various disgusting liquids leaking throughout your new house! But there are
some things you can do for minor issues, which may help you avoid calling a plumber.

Tips for small plumbing issues:
• Leaks: sometimes leaks under the sink, laundry trough, or vanity basin can be caused
by the rubber pipe seal shrinking – so, try simply tightening the seal.
• Dripping taps: this can be caused by sand in the washer. Undo the aerator on the end
of the tap, clean, and replace. You can also turn the tap on full for 10 seconds to dislodge
• Water hammer: you can keep this to a minimum by gently turning off taps, instead of
doing it quickly. Dishwashers and washing machines do this automatically though, so try
turning down the pressure at the water meter or fitting a water hammer arrestor. If
you’re in a new subdivision, the pressure may decrease as more houses are built.
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Note: the water pressure in your shower may not be as strong as other fixtures in your house,
but this is because each shower is fitted with a water-saving disk to regulate the amount of
water (you’re welcome, environment!).

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