Pre-construction FAQs

Frequently asked questions


As a first home builder, will I be supported at every stage of my new home build?

Of course! Our savvy team has one goal, and that is to deliver a remarkable home and the building experience to match it. That means we meet you on your terms, communicate freely (including giving you a direct line to management), deliver faster build times, offer unique value-adds… and that’s just the beginning.

How does it work? When you sign up, you’ll team up with your very own Customer Experience Specialist. Think of them as your VIP concierge slash fairy building godmother slash go-to for everything. They’ll hold your hand throughout this exciting and sometimes nervous time and be in frequent contact to keep your mind at ease.

You’ll also get a personalised building portal customised to you and your build, which will send out real-time construction updates as they happen on site.

Plus, we’ll arrange multiple catch ups between you and your Site Supervisor, including slab meetings, tile meetings, PCI1, and PCI1 (that’s Practical Completion Inspections for you, the uninitiated), so you can meet the person overseeing all of the trades tirelessly working on your dream. And, we’ll give you the opportunity to provide regular feedback so we can continually monitor your experience and, if necessary, improve it. Because one of the biggest (okay, top three), most story-worthy experiences is what you’re doing right here – building your new home. And we want to make sure it has your mark all over it.

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