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Life is remarkable. And one of the biggest (okay, top three), most story-worthy experiences is what you're doing right here - building your new home! So, let's make sure this experience has your mark all over it.

It’s time to make your mark.

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You’ve been visualising it, pinning it, manifesting it; and now you can design it. But you don’t have to do it alone, we’re the ones who are here when you need us.

Make your mark

Every day is an opportunity to make your mark on the world and you can start right here. From choosing your energy rating to signing the slab onsite.

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You need to feel comfortable and confident when making the biggest investment of your life. La Vida Homes did that for us – we were able to speak to Mark Di Masi himself simply by ringing the number on the website.

– Caity & Ken

The La Vida difference

e-interior design session_Soph_Sourced Styling

A free 45min e-interior Design consultation with Soph from Sourced Styling Studio.

Interior design consultation
e-interior design session_Soph_Sourced Styling

A free 45min e-interior Design consultation with Soph from Sourced Styling Studio.


Lock in your selections online, at your place, or at any of our partner showrooms.


It’s like your online trademark™ with all your new home selections, docs, photos, progress tracking, and real-time updates.


Get your very own white-card to access your home’s build site. It’s the ultimate BTS peek.


Be part of the construction by laying your own brick. Paint it, sign it, decorate it and make your mark.


Leave your mark on your new home that will last forever. Only you (and your followers) will know it’s there.


Socially conscious

Without the heavy layers of big-builder bureaucracy, we champion real change. And then give ourselves the mandate to act on it. Starting with 6* energy efficient homes as a minimum.


You made this happen

This is your home and you're the one who made it happen. Sure, we were part of the team who you assembled, but this is all you. Your home, built by you.



There are some things we'll happily leave with big-business builders. Like adding $ behind the scenes then promoting a discount - hot tip: there never was one! With us, what you see is what you get.


Build remarkable

Your new home is already remarkable. But what about the rest? Tell us the kind of new home (and new home experience) you want, and we'll make it happen.

Making a real difference

When you make life's biggest purchase, what kind of mark do you want to leave?

Experience the process with Perth home builder, La Vida.

Our newest packages are designed for the lifestyle you’re hunting.

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Don't take our word for it.

Hear it from Aly and Mel

“We wanted a builder who looked at us for who we are. We didn’t want to be another number. That’s why we chose La Vida – because to them our house is a representation of who we are and the mark we want to make.

From the beginning they’ve really listened to us about what we do and don’t want and offered smart suggestions, quick responses, clear paperwork…. not to mention the incredibly useful design consult and online portal.”


Brilliant broker

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Years together

Hear it from Branden and Amber

“After signing with La Vida in January 2021, we’ve breezed through the Preconstruction process. We received our Contracts, completed prestart, settled, had our bricks go up (a process that took only 8 days) and now…now we’re eagerly awaiting our new roof.

None of this would have been possible without La Vida, who custom drew our dream 4-bed, 2-bath plan (complete with theatre, servery window to the alfresco and ample space for our three rascals!) and had it back to us within a day or two.”


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Hear it from Caity and Ken

“First impressions are important, especially when making the biggest investment of your life. La Vida made us feel comfortable and confident from the get-go.

We were able to speak to Mark himself simply by ringing his mobile. Plenty of builders offer fancy display homes and witty sales pitches. It was La Vida’s honest and down-to-earth communication that sealed it for us.

We knew with them we’d be able to make our mark with ease”


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Years together ❤️
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