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Floor and Wall Tiles

Tiles are the stars of your bathroom – when they aren’t clean, the whole place looks shabby.
Lots of people find cleaning tiles intimidating, and when they put it off the mould gets out of
hand – we recommend using these hacks to make tile cleaning easy as:

• There are actually specially formulated tile cleaning agents that you should use for floor
and wall tiles – definitely don’t use bleach-based cleaners, or those damn abrasive
cleaners (again!).
• If you clean them regularly you can just use a mop and warm water.
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• Avoid stains by cleaning up spills quickly.
• Glazed floor tiles need to be vacuumed regularly, and washed with warm water and
• Unglazed floor tiles have a textured finish and need more attention.
• When grout gets soap or mould buildup, scrub gently with a nylon pad or brush.
• Keep spare tiles and extra grout for repairs during the post construction warranty period

-otherwise the builder can’t guarantee colour match.

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