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Can the weather affect my build?

Yes, the weather can impact your build, and not in a good way. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you know we like to be straight with you!

Winter and construction don’t really vibe with each other, but that doesn’t mean nothing is going to happen for three months of the year.

All it means is that if your build is in the early stages, our timelines might move around a bit depending on what Mother Nature has in mind. We can’t pour a slab when it’s pouring, brickies can’t put up walls when it’s wet and it’s too dangerous for carpenters to get on the roof if there’s a storm brewing. If we could turn the clouds off for you, we would!

The good news? Once your roof is up and works move inside, you’re golden, rain or shine! Our advice in the meantime? Be good to your Mother, and she might be good to you 😉🤞

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