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What happens at my e-interior design consult?

One of the biggest (okay, top three), most story-worthy experiences of the lot? This. What you’re doing right here – building your new home! So, we want to make sure this experience has your mark all over it.

One of the ways we do this is by offering six (6) exclusive perks to La Vida Homes mark makers. One of the most popular is a free 45 min e-consult with Interior Designer to the stars, Soph, from Sourced Styling Studio.

All of Sophie’s spaces are thoughtfully considered, designed specifically for you, and tell your story – not the designers. It’s a philosophy that has placed her in high demand, so when she’s not imparting her wisdom on our mark-makers, you’ll find Sophie product styling, set designing, and even creating visual content for brands.

Together you’ll:

  • Explore & refine your new home’s style
  • Learn how to make pre-selections in your building portal
  • Finalise your home’s exteriors sections
  • Run through all your interior design questions

Simply pick an e-consultation time that works for you *et voila* you’ll soon be making your mark the most stylish one in town. (Not to mention, nail that Prestart Prep!)

And, if you’re thinking… ‘Nah, this isn’t for me’ hold that thought for a second because there are two types of people: those who come to their interior design consultation ready to tag items from their carefully curated Pinterest boards, and the rest of us. It doesn’t matter which camp you fall into; Soph works with people across the whole interior spectrum to work out and refine their new home’s style.

So, you can breeze through the prestart process, and skip straight past the part where you spend days or weeks stressing over the big (like what white paint to go with) and little things (like door handles). You can even get professional feedback on which upgrades are worth it. Trust us, this is 45mins well spent, Vidas.

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