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Air Conditioning (Post Construction)

If your home doesn’t have an air con when you move in, your immediate reaction will be to
install one as quickly as possible – before the summer sun comes along and turns your house
into an oven. We just ask you to pause and consider a few things first.

You must ensure:
• The air con company is reputable and will meet installation standards.
• Fan coil units and flexible ducting are suspended inside the roof and are not sitting on
the ceiling frame.
• Outdoor units are away from bedroom windows and the alfresco – they also shouldn’t
be somewhere that annoys the neighbours!
• There’s enough ventilation between fences and other obstacles.
• The place where the ceiling frame and bulkhead timbers are cut is properly trimmed out
to stop cracking, ceiling failure, and other hazards.
• The power is isolated when someone’s in the roof space.
• That an evaporative air con is not installed in a house with a Bushfire Attract Level (BAL)
rating of 12.5 or more – if one is, there must be proper fire screens installed.

You’ll want to make sure all of these points are met, otherwise your post construction
warranty might be voided.

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