Display homes made real-markable


There are standard practices that we'll happily leave with big-business builders. Like showing you pristine display homes that have never been lived in and you can’t afford … nope.

Display homes just got real.

We prefer to open the door to real homes and let you see them for yourself (in all their lived-in glory). Standard displays rarely give you a sense of what life would be like in that home; that’s because they’re more like offices than homes. Moving in with all your stuff (and living amongst the selections) changes everything. By giving you direct access to real client homes, and the mark makers behind them, Perth display homes just got real.

Our business model is all about doing better by you and extending that betterness everywhere. It’s about time this industry got a shake up.

Real specifications

There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors (and daily deals) in this industry that don’t belong here. Your new home isn’t a set of steak knives. This is likely the biggest purchase of your life. So instead of spending $100,000 over-spec’ing each display home, we do things differently:

Offer all our clients a premium base specification

Show you real client homes ‘on display’

See, touch, and experience a stylish new home you can call you own

Tell us the kind of home you want to see and we’ll make it happen. Getting a feel for how a certain design works in real life is a major step.

Real experiences

Experiencing a finished home in the middle of life can help you see things clearly. Or maybe you want to see a certain stage of construction or have a way to compare different construction methods – brick veneer, double brick, fully framed steel. It’s all up for grabs.

See things clearly with client open house events

Experience the construction process at each stage

Have real-life experiences that help you make your mark

When you make the time to see us, we make sure it's an experience worth having. Let’s meet on your terms, starting with a time that work for you.

Real access to your people

This is the way it usually goes: the builder will call you, email you, text you, sell to you until the deal closes. Then, once the contract’s signed, it’s like trying to get in touch with Beyoncé. We’re the opposite. No hard sell but all the access when you want it.

No unanswered emails or unreturned calls

We’re available when it suits you – before, during, or after work hours

Even weekends are up for grabs if that suits you best

So, when you make life's biggest purchase, what kind of mark do you want to leave?

Meet the team

The ones that make us remarkable.

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Remarkable designs

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