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The building industry has been the same for too long. No more. We’ve hacked it. How? By embracing everything the traditional builders aren’t… you.

How it all started

No one knows how to put someone in a brand new home better than Mark Di Masi. He’s been doing it for years –30 in fact.

And he’s partnered up with someone with decades of global leadership experience and bucket loads of business sense. There’s a flow to his work that always puts his team – and his clients – in front.

So what happens when a WA building pioneer with 15,000 homes under his belt and a digital finance pro cross paths? A building company that’s thrown away the old blueprint for a remarkable new one.

How it’s all going

With this collaboration, La Vida Homes has attracted the very best of WA’s building industry. Each team member – industry master or bright young spark – is as passionate about our mark-makers as the next.

Because La Vida isn’t about us. It’s about you. That means we meet you on your terms, communicate freely (including giving you a direct line to management), deliver faster build times, offer unique value-adds… and that’s just the beginning

What even is 'La Vida'

La Vida means ‘life’ in Spanish. Because, to us, life is remarkable. Every day is an opportunity to make your mark on the world. To say that you were here. You made moves that mattered; experienced it all.

And one of the biggest (okay, top three), most story-worthy experiences of the lot? This. What you’re doing right here – building your new home! So, we want to make sure this experience has your mark all over it.

Socially conscious

Without the heavy layers of big-builder bureaucracy, we champion real change. And then give ourselves the mandate to act on it. Starting with 6* energy efficient homes as a minimum.

You made this happen

This is your home and you're the one who made it happen. Sure, we were part of the team who you assembled, but this is all you. Your home, built by you.


There are some things we'll happily leave with big-business builders. Like adding $ behind the scenes then promoting a discount - hot tip: there never was one! With us, what you see is what you get.

Build remarkable

Your new home is already remarkable. But what about the rest? Tell us the kind of new home (and new home experience) you want, and we'll make it happen.

Most of the builders out there keep promoting more of the same same. Where’s the remarkability?

What we're working towards


We would rather try something new than become one of the many staying safe and creating what already exists.

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Our work has to be fun. We want to come to work and say that we made someone’s day!


We show transparency rather than just talk about it. FB groups, personal phone numbers given out, supervisor access.



We're focused on building the experiences our clients want. A white card to go onsite? Easy done.

"You're either remarkable or invisible. Make a choice."– Seth Godin

What our customers new friends think about us.

So, when you make life's biggest purchase, what kind of mark do you want to leave?

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The ones that make us remarkable.

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