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Window Protection

Summer Shading
Let’s face it, you’re not a millionaire (yet), so having your aircon on 24/7 isn’t an option. But
don’t stress, we’ve got some shading tips that’ll save you dollars in those hot months.
External shading devices shelter your home from direct sun and keep things nice and cool.
Use external blinds and shutters on north, east, and west-facing windows; or plant some
deciduous trees near those spots. Eaves and pergolas are another option – just check that
they’ll let the winter sun in, otherwise you’ll be living in an Esky for half the year!
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Winter Protection
In winter, you have a secret enemy – your windows! They lose 10 times more heat than
insulated walls do, making your heating costs higher, and the amount of Friday night drinks
you can buy lower. Installing tinted windows can halve your costs, and putting up close-fitting
curtains or blinds traps a layer of air that insulates the window and keeps you toasty.

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