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What are site works costs and how do they work?

Site works are the costs required to get your new block build-ready. As in, safe enough to build on.

The process involves earthworks, site preparation, engineering, your BAL (Bushfire Attack Levy), along local council applications and permits.

 Once your site works are complete, we’ll have

Structural integrity of you home

Unfortunately, there is no way to get out of site work costs

  • Location – Is your block out of the metro area? Rural blocks incur more site works costs additional time and effort are required to transport materials and connect amenities.
  • Slope – Does your block have a slope? If so, it will need to be leveled or reinforced, which will add to your final site works.
  • Terrain – Is your block overrun with trees and shrubs? The more that needs to be removed, the more site work costs will be involved.
  • Soil type – Got a sandy block? That’s good news, as it’s the least reactive and least likely to move. Clay on the other hand (which is popular in Perth’s East)…gulp. Clay is highly reactive and requires more safety measures to keep your home in place, which means more site works costs
  • Floorplan size – Planning a large family home? The bigger the floorplan the bigger…you guessed it…the site works. (As there’s more labour, more materials, etc.).
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