Perth house and land packages

Find your dream home

It’s a big deal…

These house and land packages are designed to be the ultimate match. A place to make your mark, in a suburb that feels like home. It’s your move.

This is where remarkable begins.

When you find the perfect home design and match it with a location that’s brimming with life and style, there’s only one place to go … up. It’s all up from here. An investment for your future, a secure place to call home, an interior to make your mark on, and a growing community with everything you need; yep, that’s a lot of up-side. These house and land packages in Perth stretch from every corner north, south, east, and west. If we could get you a piece of the ocean we would.

When it comes to the La Vida team, we’ve matched the one who knows Perth suburbs like Jamie knows pasta, with the one who knows home designs like Gwyneth knows candles. They’ve got the goods to deliver the house and land packages that kickstart your future. And with their powers combined, it then becomes your experience to have. So, let’s make it remarkable.

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