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Acrylic Texture & External Painted Render

You don’t have to clean the outside of your house, right? Isn’t that what rain is for? Nope.
Unfortunately, you’ll have to clean the exterior coatings of your house once a year to get rid
of any soil, grime, and airborne pollutants. Just hose it down with low pressure water blasts,
no closer than 30cm from the wall – or if you’re feeling dedicated, you can hand wash with a
soft brush, warm water, and detergent. Focus on areas that are exposed to the elements,
such as parapets and balcony handrails, as built-up dirt and grime can lead to mould. On the
upside, you’ll only need to recoat the walls every seven years or so to rejuvenate textured
surfaces, or as required for painted rendered walls depending on the colour.

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