The benefits of building with LaVida Homes

Exclusive Perks

Aka, the one where our clients get the VIP treatment.


One of the biggest (okay, top three), most story-worthy experiences of the lot? This. What you’re doing right here – building your new home! So, we want to make sure this experience has your mark all over it.

The good news!

When you make the time to see us, we make sure it’s an experience worth having. By offering a suite of exclusive perks you won’t find anywhere else. From a one-on-one consultation with a world-renowned interior designer(shout out to Lulu) to a personalised prestart experience, your very own building portal, and…that’s just the beginning!

When you reach construction there’s a host of extra-special benefits just waiting to be claimed. Think on-site meetings, VIP site access, and your very own bricklaying and slab signing experiences. All are complimentary (that’s code for ‘on us’) and designed to gift you the most remarkable thing of all: a truly fun building experience.

*Or, we could say: Together they’ll make your home-building experience one for the history books, at no additional cost.

Interior design consultation

A free 45min e-interior Design consultation with Lulu from Aesthete Collective.

Personalised building portal

It’s like your online trademark™ with all your new home selections, docs, photos, progress tracking, and real-time updates.

Bricklaying experience

Be part of the construction by laying your own brick. Paint it, sign it, decorate it and make your mark.

Personalised prestart experience

Lock in your selections online, at your place, or at any of our partner showrooms.

VIP site access

Get your very own white-card to access your home’s build site. It’s the ultimate BTS peek.

Slab signing experience

Leave your mark on your new home that will last forever. Only you (and your followers) will know it’s there.

Experience it for yourself


Call the one who makes your 🏠 happen

Our senior consultant, Damian is on stand by ready to help. Ask him anything. Really… go on.

Damian Chitty

The one who makes your 🏠 happen

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