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External Brickwork

If you’re thinking of creating a stress-relieving outdoor zone, with relaxing hammocks, then
you’ll have to make sure these items support themselves. Simply put, external brickwork,
beams, columns, patios, or pergolas aren’t designed to support heavy loads like this, so you
shouldn’t try and attach them there. It definitely wouldn’t be relaxing to have your punching
bag (or, basketball ring, hammock, etc.) fall on you after! And, can result in serious damage
and or injury. Ekk.

You’ll probably be quite attached to how pretty your brand new house looks, but we ask you
not to panic if any vanadium staining (yellow or green discolouration) appears on your bricks.
It’s not caused by a fault with the brickwork, and these stains just wash off over time – you
can speed up this process by using chemical treatments. Phone your brick manufacturer for
more info.

Another thing to consider is the placement of your gardens, as when reticulation is spraying
directly onto brickwork, the water can seep through to your internal walls and cause damage.
So, try to avoid that!

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