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Although having your own home means you can decorate it however you like, you still need
to follow some design rules. One of these rules is that your ceiling can’t carry extra weight,
such as heavy light fittings or ceiling fans. Also, you should never use the ceiling space as a
storage area.

How to care for your ceilings:
• Check your ceiling regularly and look for anything strange, like cornices that have
dropped, peaking in the joins of the sheets, water staining, holes in the ceiling, or
• Get things fixed immediately.
• Don’t go into the roof space too often.
• Ask tradespeople not to leave heavy objects on the plasterboard or ceiling frame.
• Make sure it’s properly ventilated, especially in wet areas.
• Always get professional advice before changing the ceiling frame.

Important: Make sure you isolate the power before going into the roof space

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