Low deposit home loans

Aka, the one for those who haven’t just found out they’re the heir to Genovia.


Scrimping and scraping for a 30% deposit? Loosen that belt a little and explore a Low Deposit Home Loan (they do exist!).

Because life has to be fun.

Life in the world’s sunniest capital city is glorious. What with the incredible restaurants, delicious drops of vino and thriving cultural scene… is it any wonder your bank balance isn’t quite where you’d like it to be?

Thankfully you could be eligible for a range of Low Deposit Home Loans that will put you in your own home AND living your best Perth life.

Starting from 0%. Yes, you read that correctly.
Let’s count the ways, shall we?
  1. 0% Deposit – The one backed by mum and dad. One of the biggest lenders in the country, and our personal favourite. With BOMD (The Bank of Mum and Dad) behind you as guarantors, you can borrow up to 100% of your home loan with a deposit of 0%. Yes, 0%. Read more about Guarantor Home Loans.
  2. 2% Deposit – The one backed by the WA Government. Funded by Western Australia, for West Australians, to get you in your own home pronto. Keystart Home Loans only require a deposit of 2% and the initiative offers low entry costs and no lenders mortgage insurance too. Read more about Keystart Home Loans.
  3. 5% Deposit – And the one backed by the bank. If neither of the above Low Deposit Home Loans work for you, the good news is several banks allow you to borrow up to 95% of your home loan. The criteria are a little stricter though and you’ll need to meet the Lenders Mortgage Insurance requirements.

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You’re unique, and so is your situation. Sometimes speaking to an expert who can make sense of the financials can make all the difference. Our partners at Oui Finance have got you covered, and their advice comes both cost and obligation-free.

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*Correct as of Aug 2021.

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