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Paintwork (Post Construction)

Considering how many movies feature couples painting their new home (usually with a cute
paint fight involved), it would seem like a no-brainer that you should paint yours too. But
actually, we recommend you use a licensed painting contractor, so they can make a surface
assessment and carry out the right preparation. Painting should not start until the walls’
moisture and PH levels are tested and match the paint manufacturer’s recommendations.

Whether it’s you or a contractor carrying out the work, these are the steps for painting:
• Brush walls down to remove dust.
• Apply an oil-based sealer.
• Patch up imperfections or marks, and sand smooth.
• Apply two coats of acrylic paint.
• Patch up where needed between coats.
• Use masking tape on plastered walls.
• Apply adhesives, blu tack, or tape to the painted surface.

Pssst. Our wonderful paint supplier, Taubmans, offers mates rates to all La Vida Homes
clients. Simply mention ‘La Vida Homes’ at Taubmans to receive up to 40% off all paints.

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