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Is it better to choose a large Perth home builder or a small home builder?

As they say in Ol’ El Paso… why not both? When you build with La Vida Homes you get the best of both worlds – big builder DNA with small builder agility and service.

Here’s the big stuff. We’ve got:

  • Mark Di Masi, a WA building pioneer with 15,000 homes under his belt
  • A humming back and front-end team comprising of the very best of WA’s building industry
  • A large pool of premium trades on hand that prioritise our work
  • Premium specification as standard
  • Your choice of construction methods – brick veneer, double brick, or fully framed steel
  • 12-month build times*
  • Affordable homes from $159K*

*Correct as of January 2022.

And the (not so) small stuff:

  • Regular communication and prompt replies – there are no unanswered emails or unreturned calls here
  • We’re available when it suits you – before, during, or after working hours
  • The chance to experience the construction process at every stage
  • Real-life, on-site, experiences that help you make your mark

Our business model is all about doing better by you, and extending that betterness everywhere. See, there are some things we’ll happily leave with big-business builders. Like adding $ behind the scenes then promoting a discount. Hot tip: there never was one! With us, what you see is what you get.

Because it’s about time this industry got a shakeup!

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