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How do I choose the right block of land?

There’s a lot to consider when selecting a block. Its proximity to your favourite watering hole, bestie’s place, and freeway are all key considerations of course, but… what about the block itself? For example, is it flat or sloping? What’s the street appeal like? How about solar orientation? The list goes on.

We recommend narrowing down your search to within 10km of your dream location, then comparing and contrasting the block sizes and prices on a m2 basis. Be sure to take into account any bushfire, noise and site works requirements too (the developer will be able to fill you in on all these when pressed).

Alternately, feel free to lean on your New Homes Consultant. It’s what they’re there for! They can take on all the research, identify what land is available, dig into the costs (like, really dig in), and run you through the options. You’ll still be purchasing the land directly through the developer, so you can trust them to be an informed and objective sounding board more than anything else.

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