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What is a house and land package?

When you find the perfect home design and a location that’s brimming with life and style, you get… one remarkable deal. A.k.a., a house and land package.

In a nutshell, it’s a block of land from a developer paired with a new home from a builder, bundled into one all-inclusive ‘package’. These packages can be pre-bundled and found under our ‘House and Land’ tab. The one for you isn’t there? No trouble, we can create one for you entirely from scratch. There are no rules. Except, there are no rules!

Going for a House and Land package will make your loan process a whole lot easier down the line as you only need one loan, rather than two separate loans for the house and the land. Saving you from unnecessary fees and charges and keeping things transparent from the get-go – something we’re very big on here.

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