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What happens at my personalised prestart?

Welcome to prestart. Here, we do things the La Vida way, and that means it’s all about you and the mark you’re making on the world. For starters, you can choose the time and date of your prestart by clicking on the link your customer experience specialist sends and selecting any of the available session times.

Each prestart session starts at 9 am on a weekday, allowing us to take as much or as little time on the day as you need or like. Three hours is standard; however, we’re happy to do things your way (some speed through in 90 mins, others want the whole day!)

Most of our clients choose to come into La Vida HQ (a choice made famous thanks to our office pups) for their prestart; however, we can also meet at any of our partner showrooms if you’d prefer that experience or catch up online (an option popular with our FIFO clients).

Before you say it…we know. Prestart has a reputation for being costly, but it doesn’t need to be. We have many clients that spend nothing by sticking with selections within their specification. So, you can defiantly go down that route, or explore a few upgrades and non-structural changes. It’s up to you.

To kick the day off, your customer experience specialist will conduct a crash course on “How to read floorplans” so you can review your site, elevation, floor, kitchen, and bathroom layouts like a pro. Then you’ll jump into reviewing your pre-selections, both in the portal and on the selection sheets (via Crosby Tiles and Trevor’s Carpets), refining both until you’re 100% happy.

Seeing, touching, and feeling samples is an important part of your prestart experience. Because it has to be fun! So, there will be lots of this, and you can even put together a flat lay if you’re into that kind of thing. Tip: if you’re unsure of what to do, ask your customer experience specialist. They’re experts in this space and will happily flex their interior design smarts to help your mark be as stylish as possible.

Once these all-important steps are done and dusted, it’s time to run you through any final upgrades and additions, complete your electrical plan, finalise all structural changes, and lock in the selections you made earlier.

Consider prestart, wrapped.

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