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Warranty Periods

We’ve mentioned warranty periods a lot in this doc, and so you’ll be wondering where you can
get a simple explanation of each one to refer to when things go wrong – and here it is. FYI:
when manufacturer’s warranty periods are mentioned, that means you’ll need to contact them
directly or check the portal for the relevant e-docs.

ItemWarranty Period
Air ConditioningRefer to manufacturer’s warranty
Alarm SystemsRefer to manufacturer’s warranty
Appliances: Electrical and GasRefer to manufacturer’s warranty
Bathrooms, Laundries, WC’s, and Kitchens1 year for plumbing fixtures against faulty
materials and workmanship
Brick Paving and Driveways1 year on subsidence, conditions apply
Cabinets, Benchtops, and Vanities1 year on workmanship
Ceilings1 year on cornice cracking
1 year on ceilings
Ceramic Tiling1 year for wall and floor tile cracking (applies
only to tiling completed by builder)
Clay SitesRefer to CSIRO – Foundation Maintenance and
Footing Performance and the Structerre,
Cracking in Masonry Walls information sheets
which form part of your contract documentation
Concrete Foundations25 years (non-transferrable)
Door Furniture: Internal and External
Handles and Locks
1 year tarnish-resistant and 1 year mechanical
Doors: External1 year if painted or stained in a light colour.
Please note that dark colours require ongoing
maintenance by the homeowner. Door
manufacturers recommend that all external
doors should be painted in light colours to
reduce warping to door structure
Doors: Interna1 year
Electrical Wiring and Fittings1 year
Garage DoorsRefer to manufacturer’s warranty
Gutters, Valleys, and Downpipes1 year
Lawn, Plants, and ReticNil (reticulation controller is covered under the
manufacturer’s warranty)
Leach Drains1 year
Mirrors1 year
Minor Cracking1 year for cornices, plastered walls and floor and
wall tiles.
Painting18 months. Dark colours may require
maintenance by the homeowner during this time.
Paint touch-ups only to areas requiring

Plumbing, Pipes, and Labor
1 year on wall cracking if cracks are visible from
a normal viewing distance of 1.5m

3 months for leaking taps
Roof Cover: Colorbond / Tiled2 years workmanship (please refer to
manufacturer’s product warranty)
Traffic on the roof from the installation of other
services will affect the warranty
Roof Leaks, Metal or Tile1 year
Sewer1 year
Shower Screens1 year
Silicone1 year (regular homeowner maintenance is
Smoke Alarms1 year (batteries must be changed every year and
smoke detectors must be changed every 10 years
by the homeowner)
Soakwells, Cut Off Drains1 year on subsidence
Stone Cabinet TopsWhere stone tops have been installed refer to
manufacturer’s warranty
Structural Brickwork25 years (non transferrable)
Structural Steel/Timbers25 years (non transferrable)
Termite TreatmentRefer to supplier warranty (inspections are
Windows and Sliding Doors2 years on moving parts
Please note: All warranty periods apply from the date of your key handover
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