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Living in a Bushfire Prone Area

Aussie life has loads of perks: beach days, blue skies, 100 ‘specialty’ coffee shops in every
suburb… but with our weather, comes bushfires. If your home is in a bushfire prone area,
you’ll have to develop an action plan, and closely follow directions from the local fire

It might sound unlikely, but good housekeeping can save lives (there’s one to tell the kids
when they won’t do the dishes). Leaf litter; shrubs; and long, dry grass are fuel for a wildfire.
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So, clear a buffer zone around your house and keep your lawn well-watered. Other hazards
include woodpiles, old tyres, petrol cans, and leaf-filled gutters. When the weather isn’t on
your side, a roof sprinkler system could help save your home too.

Whether you plan to leave your home, or stay to protect it, identifying the weakest parts of
the house is a way to give it a fighting chance. This way you could stop flying embers from

Places to protect:
• Roof cavities
• Dry flower beds
• Complex roof lines
• Door and window frames
• Wooden decking
• Outdoor furniture

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