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Timber Flooring

Everyone loves timber flooring; it goes with anything – from nostalgic ‘cottagecore’ to exotic
‘maximalism’ (dw, it also looks nice with your IKEA furniture). But, to keep your timber
floorboards looking brand new, you’ll have to look after them.

Timber absorbs and expels moisture depending on its surroundings, and therefore it shrinks
and expands. So, your flooring will change with the weather and seasons – no, it’s not a lost

Here are our tips for caring for your timber floor:
• Don’t shut your house up for long periods – this creates abnormal humidity
• Move rugs and blinds/curtains regularly to avoid direct sunlight changing the floorboards’
• Clean up spills immediately and remove sand or dirt so it doesn’t scratch the boards
• If you need to reseal, ask the floor sealer about which sealant is suitable

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