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Is there anything I need to do to prepare for prestart in WA?

Oh yes, prestart prep is everything! Here are the four things every mark maker *must* do before booking in for their personalised prestart experience.

  1. Have an e-interior design consult with Soph

Take advantage of your exclusive online consultation with Soph from Sourced Studio Styling. All her spaces are thoughtfully considered, designed specifically for you, and tell your story – not the designers. It’s a philosophy that has placed her in high demand, so when she’s not imparting her wisdom on our mark-makers, you’ll find Sophie product styling, set designing, and even creating visual content for brands.

Across a 45min e-consult, you’ll uncover your home’s new look, explore your building portal, and make external selections. To book, simply click the link your customer experience specialist sends you. All the sessions are outside of business hours, including at night and on the weekends, so you’re bound to find a time that suits you.

  • Mark up your Electrical Drawings

Whip out those floorplans of yours and spend a hot minute (hey, maybe even an hour) marking where you want power points, TVs, pendant lights, LEDs, and additional switches to go.

Electricals are one of the things you want to get right. When in doubt, think about how you’re going to use each space and go from there.

  • Make your pre-selections at Trevor’s Carpets

Head to Trevor’s Carpets in Osborne Park to review and pre-select your main flooring (carpets & timber). The experienced team on the ground will be able to help answer all questions and will also assist in filling out the important Selections Sheet.

  • Make your pre-selections at Crosby Tiles

Head to Crosby Tiles (also in Osborne Park) to review and pre-select your cabinet & tile selections. Like at Trevor’s Carpets, the crew on the ground will make you feel at home and are on hand to help fill out your Selections Sheet.

Once you’ve completed your pre-selections your customer experience specialist will be in touch to book in Prestart itself.

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