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What is the difference between a titled and untitled lot of land?

The Perth property market is hot stuff. To keep up with demand developers often sell *untitled* land. This is on a ‘presale’ basis, meaning the land is yet to be fully developed and can’t be accessed… yet.

This could be because the development is lacking roads, waiting on water and power connections, or missing footpaths. Like all good things, these amenities will come in time – they’re just not ready yet. This, for us as your builder, means we can’t get started on constructing your new home even if the plans are finalised.

Depending on when the land is due to be titled, choosing an untitled lot of land can add months (or more) to your building journey.

When a block is *titled* on the other hand, you take ownership of the property right away. This means we can access the site right away to undertake all works necessary for the application of a building licence, giving you a quicker building timeframe.

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