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This is your home and you're the one who made it happen. Sure, we were part of the team who you assembled, but this is all you. Let's take a moment to let that sink in. Your home, built by you.

Meet the ones who do everything from design and plan, to organise and lead. We’ve got you.

Meet the Vidas from


Adam Cooke

Site Supervisor
The one who builds every home like his own

Alaina Smith

Building & Projects Estimator
The one who sends your home to site

Alex Stojsavljevic’

Group Construction Manager
The one who supervises your build

Alexandra Nicotra

The one who gives your visions shape

Alexios Gatsoulis

Investor & Developer Relations WA
The one who makes your investment happen

Annie Tan

Estimating Manager
The one who adds it all up

Meet our friends

Building brokers were the first ones to shake up this industry and put client first.

Brokers were (and still are) all about finding the best plan, price, and land for you and we think it’s pretty impressive. Why? Because our internal team works in the same way and know that this industry could do with even more change.

Not all brokers are created equally. Here are the ones currently accredited to build with us.

Our accredited brokers


The one who's a house and land expert

Chris is a straight-talking tradie who knows the industry inside and out. His advice comes from helping thousands of people build their new homes in the perfect spot. Oh, and the advice is always free.


The one who help you achieve

Owning your own home has never been more achievable. That’s a promise from Achievable Homes, to you. They help organise everything and at no cost to you, making the whole home-building process easy and…you guessed it, achievable!

Change starts with you

This industry needs to keep doing better. Working with La Vida means continuing the charge for change.

Calling all change makers

When you partner with La Vida, it becomes a connection that best serves your clients. We know that you’re Perth’s best and working together means a joint venture that gets results. This is how we kick things off:

Monthly mentoring sessions with the one who started it all, our MD, Mark DiMasi

Training in La Vida’s personalised TM Portal and unique experience

Training in La Vida’s innovative safety and construction processes with our Construction Manager, Alex

With 10+ new homes via La Vida Homes (so we can check them for quality, transparency, and service)

So, when you make life's biggest purchase, what kind of mark do you want to leave?

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The one that gets you the dream.

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