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Are your homes turn-key?

A turnkey specification takes the guesswork and stress work out of building a new home, because all the fixtures and finishes you need for your new abode to be ‘move in ready’ are included from the get-go. Such as floor coverings, window treatments, and internal wall painting.

La Vida Homes has a range of specifications so you can choose the level of add-ons and inclusions that are right for you. For some, this means going with a complete turnkey finish, while for others it means selecting something a little less ‘done’ – so they can get their hands dirty and add the final flourishes themselves post-handover. Which is just a long and winding way of saying it’s up to you, and your budget!

If you have any questions, just ask your New Homes Consultant about the options available and which one they believe is right for you.

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