Yep, You Can Lay Your Own Brick

And while you’re at it, why not make it personal?


Ready to add ‘bricklayer’ to your LinkedIn profile? This is the part where you build your very own home (well, part of it).

Brick by brick by brick

Celebrate the biggest purchase of your life by lending a hand on site. Here’s what you need to know:

Paint it, sign it, decorate it, and make your mark.

This is no ordinary new home experience. But you didn’t choose an ordinary home builder so embrace the extras and make your mark your way! You could go full glitter glam, write inspirational quotes to manifest your future, or just sign your name. These bricks are your secret statements (until you post to the Metaverse). And don’t worry, they’re all internal bricks so if they’re not perfect the render/plasterboard will keep your secret, secret.

How is this even possible?

There’s really only one hurdle to jump over and that’s getting you (legally) on site. It’s super rare for an owner to access their own building site, but we think it should be a mandatory experience. It is yours after all! So, we cover your White Card costs and make it all legit. Once you’ve let your Customer Experience Specialist know you’re interested in the experience and completed the quick online training, you’ll get BTS and make your mark on construction.

When the bricks arrive, you’re more than halfway there

Getting the bricks onsite is a huge milestone. Your home is about to take shape and we make sure you’re part of the process. The brickwork determines the size and location of rooms, passageways, doors, and windows. So, on top of laying some bricks of your own, you can walk through your new home and imagine where each standing lamp and hanging tapestry will go.

Meet the people who assemble to assemble

You’ll spend a few hours on site at most, but your team of bricklayers show up day after day to construct your new home. These skilled tradies are a huge part of the process and have spent decades honing their craft. When you go to site, you’ll meet the best of the best – they’ll even show you how to lay the perfect brick (or 10)!

Let’s learn more about bricks, because why not?

This one’s for the super fans (or those who know the value of obscure knowledge for pub trivia nights). Bricks have a high thermal mass, so they'll hold heat in winter and keep your home cool in the summer. They're also great sound insulators and fire-resistant. Bonus round … did you know, skilled tradies can lay up to 600 bricks a day?! But, who’s counting?


This experience is my kinda thing

Start by choosing the best match below

We did say perks... so pick another one to learn about!

Interior design consultation

A free 45min e-interior Design consultation with Soph from Sourced Styling Studio.

Personalised prestart experience

Lock in your selections online, at your place, or at any of our partner showrooms.

Personalised building portal

See all your new home selections, docs, photos, progress tracking, and real-time updates.

VIP site access

Get your very own white-card to access your home’s build site. It’s the ultimate BTS peek.

Bricklaying experience

Be part of the construction by laying your own brick. Paint it, sign it, decorate it and make your mark.

Slab signing experience

Leave your mark on your new home that will last forever. Only you (and your followers) will know it’s there.

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