Interior Design Consultant Perth

AKA moving your attention to the style files (as if it wasn’t there all along!)


There’s nothing click-and-collect about this process. And it’s certainly more than a decision between Scandi vs industrial. So, let’s get personal.

The inside of your home is like…

the inside of your journal; it tells the story of your life, is deeply personal, and full of private spaces just for you!

45 minutes with the interior savant herself

This is where you see the La Vida difference materialise in human form. Her name is Soph Kuceli from Sourced Styling Studio– a globally successful interior design consultancy she founded by herself – and she’s all yours. For the top shelf price of TOTALLY FREE, you get to run all your ideas by Soph and leave with an interior plan ready to execute.

Discover your home’s unique style

There are two types of people when it comes to interiors: those who come to their interior design consultation ready to tag items from their carefully curated Pinterest boards. And then there’s the rest of us. If you’re an inspiration seeker, that’s totally fine. Soph works with people across the whole interior spectrum to work out and refine their new home’s style.

Hot tip: lock in Soph before prestart

Once you’ve had your interior design consultation, you’ll breeze through prestart. Skip the part where you spend days or weeks stressing over the big (like what white paint to go with) and little things (like door handles) and get to site sooner with Soph's help. You can even get professional feedback on which upgrades are worth it. This is 45mins well spent my friends.


Go on a guided portal tour

Soph knows the La Vida portal (aka Trademark) like the back of her hand and can share her screen, so you get insider training. Dive into all TM’s selections and functionalities; including the 3D render functionality. Becoming a TM expert is a handy skill to have. Trust us.

Styling the greatest outdoors … yours

It’s not all about the interiors. The outside of your home is where so much magic happens – summer soirées, alfresco family dinners, an evening wine under the stars. Soph knows how essential outdoor styling is, so you can spend time in your session completing the external selections together. They’re notoriously hard to nail down, but you could be done in less than 45mins! Everything from render to roof cover, this one often needs expert help.

Did we fail to adequately name drop?

Sophie's approach is all about simplicity, function, form, balance and – you! Soph firmly believes that there is more to good interiors than trendy homewares and plush cushions. All her spaces are thoughtfully considered, designed specifically for you, and tell your story – not the designers. It’s a philosophy that has placed her in high demand, so when she’s not imparting her wisdom on our mark-makers, you’ll find Sophie product styling, set designing, and even creating visual content for brands.

Leave it all to Soph

If you’re not into the specifics of design selections, you can skip all the drama and choose one of Soph’s carefully curated packages. And, as you can tell from her rap sheet, Soph is not into standard styling – did you read the part about aged timber with recycled brick? There are six to choose from; each one designed to match a particular vibe and lifestyle. So, the choice is yours. Go full customisation or use your time with Soph to ask questions about each package and choose the best one for you!


Let’s get your private interior design consultation locked in (Sorry, this one’s only available for current clients!)

We did say perks... so pick another one to learn about!

Interior design consultation

A free 45min e-interior Design consultation with Soph from Sourced Styling Studio.

Personalised prestart experience

Lock in your selections online, at your place, or at any of our partner showrooms.

Personalised building portal

See all your new home selections, docs, photos, progress tracking, and real-time updates.

VIP site access

Get your very own white-card to access your home’s build site. It’s the ultimate BTS peek.

Bricklaying experience

Be part of the construction by laying your own brick. Paint it, sign it, decorate it and make your mark.

Slab signing experience

Leave your mark on your new home that will last forever. Only you (and your followers) will know it’s there.

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