Pre Start Meeting & Consultation

Consultation, coffee, and cuddles (from our office pup!) and not necessarily in that order.


Welcome to prestart. But here, we do things the La Vida way, and that means it’s all about you. Well, you and the office pup!

This is what prestart looks like

You at La Vida HQ (or we can come to the showroom of your choosing) chatting about how you want to make your mark. Here’s the specifics:

First up, let’s get it in the diary

You can choose the time and date that suits you via Calendly. Take as little or as much time as you need. Three hours is fairly standard; however, we’re happy to do things your way (some speed through in 90 mins, others want the whole day!) Then there’s location. You can come to La Vida HQ (a choice made famous thanks to our office pups) or we can catch up online. You can even lock in your selections from any of our partner showrooms.

Now that it’s in your diary, it’s time you got prepared

There's a few things you need to do to prepare for your prestart meeting. Firstly, meet up with interior designer, Soph. Over a 45 min Zoom you’ll make all your external selections (roof, render, doors etc.), explore the portal and more. Mark up your electrical plans – get specific on where you want power points, TVs, pendant lights, LEDs, and additional switches. Then, visit Trevor's Carpets AND European Ceramics (both are musts, promise) to preselect your carpets, main flooring, and tiling.

Samples, selections, and the five senses

Actually, you won’t need all five senses, but what you see and how it feels are essential decision-making senses. When you’re touring around Trevor’s and European Ceramics, you’ll get the tactile experience of your prestart selections – Colorbond, Laminex, Midland Brick, Formica, Silestone, Trevor’s Carpets. You can even bounce ideas off someone who has literally helped 1000’s of customers finalise their new home selections.

Meet the team you’ve assembled to build your home

With your selection homework complete, it’s time for your personalised prestart meeting! This session is fully guided by one of our Customer Experience Specialists (aka your point person) and, if you’ve chosen La Vida HQ for your prestart location, you can meet the whole team. Everyone here – especially your point person – is 100% focused on finding out exactly how you want to make your mark.

Floorplan crash course and question time

Your prestart meeting can include a crash course on, “How to read floorplans”. By the end of it you’ll be a pro at reading your plan so that you can review your site, elevation, floor, kitchen, and bathroom layouts. And there’s always time for questions so bring all yours to the table.

Time to get serious about your selections

This is about as fine as our print gets. Things are completely transparent at La Vida, so everything is laid out during your prestart meeting; nothing hiding behind closed doors or secret appendices. Your Customer Experience Specialist will run you through any final upgrades and additions, complete your electrical plan, finalise all structural changes, and lock in the selections you made earlier. Consider prestart, wrapped.


Ready to make your mark on prestart?

Start by choosing the best match below

We did say perks... so pick another one to learn about!

Interior design consultation

A free 45min e-interior Design consultation with Soph from Sourced Styling Studio.

Personalised prestart experience

Lock in your selections online, at your place, or at any of our partner showrooms.

Personalised building portal

See all your new home selections, docs, photos, progress tracking, and real-time updates.

VIP site access

Get your very own white-card to access your home’s build site. It’s the ultimate BTS peek.

Bricklaying experience

Be part of the construction by laying your own brick. Paint it, sign it, decorate it and make your mark.

Slab signing experience

Leave your mark on your new home that will last forever. Only you (and your followers) will know it’s there.

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