Meet Mark Di Masi

The one who lives La Vida

Managing Director

The one who lives La Vida
Managing Director


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Where I grew up
South of the river
What I do
Live and breathe La Vida
What I like
Sunday night pasta nights with la familia

Skills Reel

Business development, leadership, client solutions, taking a business from an idea to a thriving reality, building expert, business strategy, and acumen.

The professional

Mark is a talented business leader, strategist, and mentor. His business skills have been channeled towards the building industry, beginning with Ventura Homes Group (VHG). Mark was the founding and managing director at VHG for 27 years, taking it from humble beginnings to its industry-leading position of Western Australia’s second-largest home builder, and most awarded building group in WA.

How does he do it? With a deep passion for the industry and the joy of seeing people get into their new homes. Then there’s the more practical side. Anyone who has worked with Mark will say that he has a talent for leading teams alongside an effective business strategy. His strategies mitigate risk and protect business performance to achieve results. Well … that’s the executive summary version of how he does it!

Mark is one of the longest-serving committee members at the House Industry Association (HIA) in WA and has been a chief judge of the association’s prestigious housing awards program. He also the joint owner of the largest privately-owned property management company in WA, Rent West; and Custom Financial Solutions, a mortgage brokerage specialising in residential established and residential construction loans.

My wife and I love to make traditional Italian tomato sauce – hot tip: the best tomatoes are from Harvey! – and sausage. My family is everything to me and being with them down south, drinking wine, and eating homemade Italian food is my idea of heaven on earth. Well, that and helping people make their mark on the world with their new home.

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