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Let's talk Treeby

Treeby is a new southern suburb in the City of Cockburn that’s aiming to please those indecisive house buyers – the ones who want a house and land package large enough for a dedicated cinema room, but also want to keep their high-flying CBD job and arvo drinks at the Quay. House and land in Treeby is only 5 mins from Cockburn train station, but when you get home at the end of the day it’ll feel like a country retreat (well, it’ll at least be reeeally quiet).

Treeby house and land packages keep convenience (10 mins from Cockburn shopping centre) while providing a safe neighbourhood for families. That means no need to track the kids’ phones anymore! Too far? In all seriousness, house and land in Treeby is on quiet, modern streets near large native bush reserves and there’s loads of parks with playgrounds and barbeques.

Treeby in focus

  • Distance to Perth: 20km
  • Postcode: 6164
  • Local Gov: Cockburn
  • Train stations: Cockburn Central Station
  • Bus Service: To Cockburn Central
  • Shops: Cockburn Central Shopping centre

Breaking Treeby down

  • Annual Growth: 5.5%
  • Median land price: $357,000

Schools near Treeby

  • Primary Schools: Atwell Primary School, Banjup Primary School, Piara Waters Primary School, Asprir Primary School
  • Secondary Schools: Emmanuel Catholic College, Atwell College, Lakeland Senior High School

* Statistics via REIWA website, Jan 2022


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