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Prestart Drafting, Everything You Need To Know

pre start drafting

Prestart drafting in all its glory

Moving your home from design idea to e-paper reality

Now we’re at the next stage in this remarkable journey, we want to talk about prestart drafting, and yes, it’s a thing! After you’ve had your enlightening chat with Lulu about all things interior design, then moved on and completed your pre-selections in TM, and locked everything in at prestart, our drafting team gets busy making sure your mark is made on paper (electric of course). Otherwise known as prestart drafting. 

A peak behind the curtain of prestart drafting

Let’s take a look behind the scenes at what’s really going on here. Your design people at La Vida get busy tying up loose ends with your documents and files. Every line, symbol, and marking need to speak the same language, and if you spent a little time reading our building contract prep blog you’ll know all about it! We make sure every piece of e-paper is spot on so our trades on site can interpret your plans perfectly, and all you have to do is sit back and watch the remarkability unfold. 

Then we welcome in your customer experience specialist (aka the one who makes sure this is one of the most memorable experiences of your life) to review and finalise your addenda (flashbacks). And, when they’re happy with everything it will be sent through to you and your New Homes Consultant to sign off on. The construction phase is right around the corner, we promise. Who knew prestart drafting could be so layered and complex? Okay, we kinda did!

Dreams, plans, and working drawings

We know at this stage you’d probably be itching to get into construction … trust us, we are too. But first, we need to make sure those working drawings are perfect so we can order all the new materials, schedule trades, and organise timings for your build. All that daydreaming is slowly becoming a real plan. There’s no point in rushing any of this, so normally leave about two weeks before checking your emails and we’ll make sure it’s up on TM as well, just for safekeeping. We got you!

Check your magic prestart drafting eight-ball

At this point in time, we want you to be pretty sure everything is all good to go ahead. We know that building is number one on the list and believe us we can’t wait to get you there, so it’s really important that you’ve got the funds to cover all the upgrades you requested at prestart. If you have any problems, chat to your broker and they’ll help you out. They’ll confirm if the funds are available, and if they are whether they are to be paid in cash or can be covered by your existing loan.

The final takeaway on prestart drafting

A few last things—let’s call them words of wisdom for a team who has done this a few times before. Make sure you have your settlement, formal finance approval, and Synergy account number to complete the prestart drawings and start finalising your documents. It’s those little admin things that can hold up the process and no one wants that!

Ready to make moves

Once your prestart drafting process is completed, you’re just one step away from construction prep. Dive into our blog on finalising your contracts (don’t worry, it’s a short one) for all the next steps. You’ll be a building savant by the end of all this!  



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