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Why Final Preconstruction Docs Are Important!

final pre-construction documents

Final documents are finally done!!

It’s the big finnish and you’ll want some bubbles ready

This is the big one (but a short read so stick with us). It’s been a long time coming but finally we can get that sweet, sweet autograph and you haven’t even hit the red carpet (yet). Once we make sure that all these final documents—we’re talking about the addenda, plans, and title selection—are emailed through to you via DocuSign.

They’ll also be posted up on TM (aka your personal portal and document safe keeper) down the line too for you to peruse whenever you wish—because who wouldn’t want to re-read their Shantaram-length contracts in their spare time? 

By this point, everything is set and correct; we’ve been more thorough than your average case in Law and Order SVU. Nothing gets by us.

Here’s a recap of your final documents

All the key details are covered and like we said, nothing is missed. You’re probably sick of hearing that this is your home’s bible, the hymn sheet, the all-encompassing gold standard of your home on paper … so we won’t say it again. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Contract document 
  • Contract specification
  • Lot annexure 
  • Town planning application  
  • Town owner consent for planning  
  • Contracts annexure 
  • Contract quotation 
  • Contracts returned 
  • Authority for finance and settlement 
  • Certified building application permit
  • Working drawings 
  • Gas connection application 
  • Building contract  
  • Certificate for design compliance 

We don’t expect you to remember all of this

This isn’t The Chaser! So, we’ll save all this information on TM along with that almighty building permit and your life-saving finance approval. Like all good things, they come to those who wait, so we say give it at least three (sometimes four) weeks to arrive depending on the broker and how quickly you did your homework in regards to your financial approval.

Remember, we’re always here

By this stage, you will know your customer experience specialist pretty well. They’re the one who waits by the phone for your call, ready to help in any way they can (seriously, what else would they have to do?). They’ve got you this far, pulling all those strings to make sure you’re feeling remarkable the whole way, and that doesn’t end once the final paperwork is done! They’ll be your go-to for the entire construction portion of your journey too. 


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