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Why Preconstruction Scheduling Is A Must!

pre construction scheduling

Guided through pre-construction scheduling!

The paperwork is done and you’re getting ready to (finally) break ground 

This is it. We’re ready to get our hands dirty and start building. All the paperwork is signed, sealed, delivered, and all the permits have been received. Your land development approval has been given a big thumbs up. So, what’s left? Something very important and totally not your problem. Scheduling.

Yep, that’s right. Scheduling. It’s a massively vital part of the process. It involves an inhuman level of attention to detail, (picture House M.D) where each aspect is poured over obsessively so things run smoothly. These are the kinds of people who iron their socks.

Pre-construction scheduler

This is what we rely on to order every single material needed for the build. For pre-construction scheduling to be effective, everything not only has to be ordered at the right time but delivered at the right time—think of it as a really detailed recipe, terrine-style (or like mastering the perfect macaroon).

You need the bricks on-site as the slab goes down (don’t worry the slab signing party will be scheduled to line up with this). You need every nail, screw, beam, and tap to turn up at the right time. And don’t get us started on what would happen if cabinets and door hardware were delivered early—’weather damage’ and ‘theft ‘are three words you don’t want to deal with … especially after such a remarkable slab signing experience! Basically, all of this is to say that scheduling is a crucial part of the process and we take it very seriously. 

Smart tech ready to step in

Pre-construction scheduling wouldn’t get far without our computer wizzes (think of them as House crossed with Sheldon) and expensive IT system making sure everything is coordinated and logged within this delicate balance of pre-construction scheduling.

And we all know what happens when it goes bad. Delays can create a mammoth cost in time and money. So, we make sure that all the tech and timeframes are right from the very beginning! Our build time is guaranteed at 12 months which is obviously the main motivation, but there are a few other things that benefit from precise timing: 

There are fewer surprises

No one likes on-site surprises. Sure, once your home is done, we’re all up for surprising you with little gifts along the way (no spoilers), but not when it comes to construction. That is a surprise-free zone and working through the finer points before getting on-site gives us more control over the overall build.

Quality control

Delays often mean compromises. And this word is not in the La Vida vocabulary! Having the right materials on-site at the right time means we have everything we need. You wouldn’t ask a macaroon-master chef to work without an oven thermometer, would you? (The answer is ‘no’ for those of us who call crushed Oreos in ice cream a delicacy)


We watched Minimalism, read Spark Joy, and binged get Organised (it was all research for this blog), and we can confidently report that being organised pays off. We start from the very beginning and, by organising resources more efficiently so everyone involved, from subcontractors to suppliers, can collaborate better and stick to a budget (which helps us avoid unexpected costs on-site). 


The unexpected happens in construction—hello bad weather and stock issues. Scheduling software allows us to build out contingency plans and respond quickly to minimise disruptions. This whole scheduling process takes roughly 1-3 weeks to process so you’ll have plenty of time to binge Tidying Up in prep. 

A little bit of pre-construction housekeeping

After scheduling has taken place, the epic task that it is, it’ll be up to you to make sure no rubbish is left on-site. Sorry to do this but we have to be pushy on this one (just imagine Marie Kondo’s voice saying it). Also, if there is a zero-lot wall or boundary being put up around the property it’s your job to let your neighbours know about it and arrange for it to be removed. Of course, you can always reach out to your customer experience specialists to help with this step (if Marie isn’t available that is)!

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