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Wait, What Is Contract Administration?

When you’ve made it to the construction contract administration stage

Can we have your autograph?

There are those times in life when you sign your name, and it actually means something. This is one of those times! And to kick things off, we have a look at WHAT and WHO we’d need to get started as we glide through the initial administration stages. These are the people who are on this journey with you and they need to be just as remarkable as you (and your vision). 

  • Customer experience specialist (aka the one who is all about your experience) 
  • Designer (aka the one who is secretly an artist) 
  • Draftee (aka the one who translates the art into real life)
  • Estimator (aka the one who adds it all up)
  • Building manager (aka the one who is across it all)

The people who make the contract administration stage remarkable 

Each of the people on your team has a seriously impressive job to do, and they never go it alone. This is what they’re up to at every stage of administration (aka putting together your all-important construction contract):

Order your site survey

This is where we review the building site and make sure everything is in perfect alignment with your plans. It looks a little something like this:

  • Establishing and marking boundaries
  • Calculating your land’s size and shape
  • Noting the property’s natural landscape 
  • Measuring and marking land contours

Council needs this document to decide whether to grant construction approval or not. Once the building permit is issued, the site plan helps us to determine where to place the home in relation to the block. 

The essential BAL

What’s a BAL? Glad you asked. Anyone in a bushfire-prone area planning to build needs a bushfire attack level (aka BAL) assessment. Kind of an essential part of the process.

Classifying the soil

We dig deep (see what we did there?) to work out which soil type your block contains, which our structural engineer will use to determine the footing systems we need to build.

Order energy certification

Here we bring in the big guns, Certified Energy Assessors, to review your home’s orientation, views, size, and materials, so that they can confirm it meets all ABCB’s requirements. This stage is really close to our hearts as we only build homes that are 6* energy efficient (at a minimum).  

Enter, structural engineers

They’ll review the proposed works and provide a certificate of assurance that the design, materials, and all the other goodies are in compliance with the provisions of the Building Code of Australia. Tick. 

Certificate of design compliance

Next, you’d need a certificate of design compliance. Basically, it’s the contract you need to get a sweet, sweet building permit. This is a pretty standard form that confirms you’re happy with each applicable construction standard, as confirmed by the surveyor.

Make your developer proud!

Here we make sure the proposed design meets the estate guidelines—everything from the materials they want for elevations, the right setback, and the correct neighbourhood colour scheme. 

Onto council approvals (planning and building permits)

These are legal (yes, we’re getting real serious now) contracts granted by your local shire that makes sure the new construction complies with various local and state planning requirements. 


Your bank or lender needs to give pre-approval based on your financial circumstances. This comes with a little bit of baggage, but once the bank or lender is satisfied, one more tick can be added to the contract.

Time to draw!

Your talented artists-in-disguise (i.e. draftee) completes CAD (Computer Assisted Design) drawings of your home, down to the millimetre, and renders the home in remarkable 3D models that you can use for your personal portal too. Pretty cool, huh?

The last step on the contract administration stage 

With all of the hard work done, it’s time for your autograph! We wrap everything up into one contract and your autograph seals the deal. Onto working drawings.

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