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Working Drawings For Pre-Construction

what are working drawings

What are working drawings?

Only one of the most important steps in this whole process. No big deal.

So, what are working drawings? Think of them as the Waze (or Google Map) to your build.  Without them the whole team kind of runs on empty.

To be specific, a working drawing is a blueprint of the new home. If you decided to build, this is something that will have your mark all over it—the size of your master, your purpose-built study nook, your painting (or game) room. It’s all here. And it’s accompanied by a strict and thorough set of plans and views, like details, notes, and dimensions, that the team will follow to construct your home. 

You might have heard them being called ‘building plans’ but we prefer working drawings (or your home’s north star) and they’re there to keep your team all on the same page.

What’s the difference between working drawings and a floorplan?

Well, floorplans have pretty clean lines and easy-to-read markings. Working drawings, on the other hand, are, let’s say, FAR more complex and to be honest with you, pretty beautiful to look at too. They include everything from the floorplan to the elevation, internal cupboards, electrical grid work, and site plan details.

These working drawings will not only give us the measurements of the build, but all the details to plan the construction process too! We’re talking unusual features that need highlighting or certain requirements that need special attention from the team.

The data transformation

Another way to think of it is that your working drawings transform design data into construction info. It’s like the common language that everyone learns by heart—from the back-end team to trades, suppliers, and manufacturers. 

Bring in the perfectionists

Obviously we have to get these working drawings perfect, so we call in our super talented artists (aka the draftees) to design them. These remarkable humans are highly trained in the art of residential architectural drafting and building design. They make it their life’s work to hit that sweet spot between form, function, and design. You could call it the working drawing ‘trifecta’!

Get with the tech!

We live in a high-tech world and so do our draftees. Which means they use CAD (Computer Assisted Design) software to complete your working drawings. This software is so accurate that it gets every measurement right, down to the millimetre, in order to create scarily realistic 3D renderings of your new home. When you get the process rolling, you will have a personalised portal and all your working drawings can be found there! Our team also leans on building information modelling (BIM) to make three-dimensional representations … the future is here, friends. 

What’s included in working drawings – the snapshot edition

Working drawings have a whole lot of dimensions, symbols, details, and notation so that everyone involved knows exactly what they’re doing. Here’s what’s included in a snapshot:

Floor plan

A bird’s eye view of your home’s layout. You’d get all the overall measurements, the rooms, openings, doors, and the location of key fixtures and fittings.

Site plan

Plans that capture the entire block, and how your floorplan would sit within the area and other existing structures, like a shed for all your weekend toys. These might have landscaping, driveways, and water mains depending on your plans.


Basically, a view from the side of your home. We’d show you several different perspectives of the house, and these will generally have different design features. 


Similar to an elevation but gives a cross-section through the building. This is so we can give you an idea of the structural characteristics of the roof, walls, floor, and footings.


Time for the close up! We zoom in on important structural components. These might include skirting heights, splashbacks, and other installation details.

When you know, you know

Some say (*ahem* us) that these drawings are the most important part of the whole admin process. They detail everything your team (and you) need to know when committing to a build. And, when you’re making one of the most important decisions of your life (well, apart from that time you decided to re-watch the Sopranos over Breaking Bad during lockdown), you need to get this part 100% on the mark. 

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