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What is practical completion?

The acronym everyone forgets… PCI

The part that you won’t forget is seeing your remarkable new home in real life! Yep, you’re done. Your house is built. The mark you wanted to make on the world is here and this is the part where you walk through and inspect every little detail. Cue, the best Kevin McCloud Grand Designs impression you’ve got. Okay, so what exactly is the practical completion inspection (PCI)? Let’s step it out.

The tour you’ve been waiting for

If you’ve made it to PCI, the time has come to check out the mark you’ve made, in all its glory. You’ll catch up with your site supervisor (aka the one who has been there every step of the way) to go through each room, discuss the overall look, and make sure that every detail is exactly how you want it. Remember all the decisions you made at pre-start? All the finishes and features you saw (and salivated over) during your showroom tours are now part of your home. This is a HUGE moment for all of our mark makers so take the time to soak it up. There is no rush when it comes to PCI.

Get out your PCI checklist

Dw, we’ll bring one for you because tbh there are 100s of items to review at PCI! To keep things simple, this *condensed* checklist guides you through the process:

  • Electrical connections
  • Gas and water connections
  • Hot water system
  • Glass and flyscreens
  • Appliances
  • Toilets and basins
  • Cabinetry and bench tops
  • Plumbing and tapware
  • Door furniture

We’ll also be keeping an eye out for: 

  • Building defects
  • Damage
  • Cosmetic defects
  • Incomplete work
  • Quality of finish
  • All the appliances

And if anything needs a little extra attention, your site supervisor will record it for the construction team to get into action. Everyone needs to sign off on the PCI findings, so we all stay on the same page. 

From those who came before you

HEAPS of mark makers have done PCI and they come bearing gifts (aka tips). Firstly, take your time. PCIs take up to 2 hrs on average, so give yourself a break and grab a nice coffee, maybe even take half a day off work, and make sure you don’t rush it. This isn’t the commute to brunch. 

Secondly, bring along a friend, family member, or independent building inspector too. That way you can really soak up your home and feel confident that every last detail has been checked and either approved or noted for fixing. 

What to bring

  • A copy of your plans
  • A copy of your addenda (selections/upgrades)
  • Something to test the power points (e.g. a charger)
  • Your phone or notepad to make notes on (dw, we’ll be making notes too!)

And we’re always happy for you to bring your own building supervisor for additional piece of mind if that would make you more comfortable. 

Hopes, dreams, and fears

Don’t worry if there’s a list of action items after your tour, that’s what the PCI (and our team) is here for. We have a contractual obligation to repair all minor defects identified and will usually be able to work through the list within 10-14 working days. 

Once the items are sorted, you’ll meet your site supervisor again (at handover) to check off the items on the PCI and confirm that you’re completely satisfied with your home. So, sit tight and we’ll be in touch soon.  

It’s time to shop

Big ticket items like couches can take weeks, even months, to be made and shipped so if you haven’t already, get those pre-orders in. If time is of the essence, Koala Furniture is a great Aussie brand with stylish and affordable beds, couches, chairs, and tables. And free moving boxes can be picked up easily from Bunnings.

We’re so unbelievably close to the finish line now. Once PCI is all done and dusted, it’s time for us to hand over the keys! Once you’ve got the keys, there’s nothing left to do except to make your mark on the interiors—bring on the art, bookshelves, throw cushions, fairy lights … it’s home.

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