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What To Expect At Key Handover

Handover is here! 

It’s time to hand over the reins…

You know what that means! You’ve officially made your mark on the world. A piece of this planet that you get to call home. Congratulations! From the ground up, your new home is ready for you to move in. This is what you’ve been picturing from the get-go (or more likely from the first time you paid rent)—choosing the tiles, colours, layouts, roofing, pavement, cabinets, and every remarkable feature in between. 

So, how does it feel? We’re so excited for you and all the memories that await. Lean in and relish it (as if your favourite meal just started walking towards your table), this was all you. 

The big, remarkable day

Once your nominated bank has submitted your final payment, we’ll call you to arrange the handover. Rather than dragging you into our office (i.e. The big business builder way) your site super will meet you on-site to hand over the keys in person. This is an experience you won’t forget—like that time you never had to pay rent again … oh wait, that’s now!

Speaking of experiences, you’ll pull up to your new home and see a big red ribbon on your door and have a little gift waiting for you inside (not just the house itself). This is a massive moment, and it deserves to be celebrated … La Vida style!

What to expect at handover 

It’s tour time! Just like the PCI stage you’ve just completed but without all the checklists. This time you’ll get a tour of your new place with your site super as a guide. They’ll point out everything of importance, like how to open and lock the doors, and where the garage remote is stored. The little things really are the big things at this point. 

You won’t go it alone—bring in the guide

Along with your in-person guide, you will also have a digi handover guide ready and waiting in your TM portal. This book is your guide to giving your new baby the love it deserves and making it last. Everything and we mean everything, is in it. Here’s what it covers: drying out the house, making it green, energy use, window protection, insulation, lighting, and air conditioning. This guide (aka the bestseller that will probs become a movie one day… someone call Reese) also covers security, electrical, ceilings, bathroom fittings, paintwork care, roofing, timber floorings, and your warranty. And that’s not even half of it (we wish we were joking). Basically, there’s a lot and it means that you have ALL the info you need.

Your lifetime warranty (forever, ever) 

Your home comes with a lifetime structural warranty and a 12-month* maintenance period, so we’ll be seeing you again shortly. Basically, your warranty means that we’ll cover any structural problems that occur with your house—no it’s not too good to be true, but if you’re still a sceptic, read our handover guide for the fine print. 

Small maintenance issues are really common and nothing to worry about—especially when you have a Vida warranty. All you need to do is fill in the form on your portal.

Moving 101

If you’ve never moved before, here’s a helpful to-do list to keep in mind. First up, make sure all the important stuff is safe. We’re talking prescriptions, driver’s license, marriage, birth certificates, and passports. Secondly, collect free moving boxes from Bunnings, along with tape, markers, and labels. Next, disconnect the utilities at your old address, and connect the amenities, internet, and pay-tv at your new address. 

And lastly, notify any relevant businesses (incl. Aus Post) of your change of address. Type A personalities, you were made for this! Everyone else, assemble the crew.

Making your mark, yours

We hope you celebrated the first night in your new home, in style. Well, your style. And then? Unpack and breathe in your new abode. 

Whether you already know where each picture is going to go, or you’re just beginning the decorating journey, it’s all up to you! Our advice? Take the time to make it your own. There’s no rush, it’s yours forever after all.

Okay, enough blog reading, now’s the time to enjoy the mark you’ve made on the world … or at least your corner of it. Congratulations, you made it (and we’re so happy that we got to help)!

* 12-month maintenance period applies to all homes with a La Vida Homes PPA Contract signed after the 1st of July 2023. A 6-month maintenance period will apply to all PPAs signed before this date.

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