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Your 2023 Interior Design, According To Your Astrological Sign

So, what’s your Zodiac style aesthetic for 2023?

It is no surprise that each astrological star sign has its own ideas around interior design. Fire signs like Aries opt for bold statements, whereas earth signs like Taurus can feel more at home in a muted, earthy-coloured environment. While the interior design trends of 2023 suggest a revival of bold tones, modernist curves and vintage furniture, these can be layered with other interior elements that align with your star sign to create a harmonious home for you. Here’s a look at how your star sign will influence your interior in 2023 and help you make your mark. 


The traits associated with Aries are individual and bold. 

You are the most confident decorator of the Zodiac, and you own it. Each of your interior finishes and homewares is bought with passion and confidence, though you do like to switch things up more often than others. We suggest avoiding permanent fixtures in the interior and considering timeless investments that you can re-style whenever your space needs a refresh. 

Items to consider:

  • A pair of matching lamps in a bold emerald;
  • A bold mirror;
  • A statement chair.


For you, the home is all about comfort and relaxation. 

Your space needs soothing interior notes of cashmere, silk and velvets, where pampering and self-care take priority. We suggest leaning towards earthy colours you would see in nature; chocolate brown and greens are your colour of choice for 2023. 

Items to consider:

  • A natural stone coffee table; 
  • A rattan relaxed armchair; 
  • An organic-shaped vessel for your fresh flowers. 


The twins are the symbol of the Gemini, which heavily influences your interior style. 

You enjoy coordination, pairing and matching items in your home environment. For example, consider framing a space with matching vases or choosing a pair of matching armchairs for your living room. 

You’re a natural extrovert and thrive in social situations. Therefore dinner parties and dance floors are your domain! To embrace the social butterfly in you, we recommend plenty of comfortable seating for entertaining and a gorgeous brass or timber drinks trolley. 

Items to consider:

  • A metal drinks trolly for entertaining; 
  • A matching pair of vases to frame a living area; 
  • A comfortable, soft curved lounge setting.


The Cancer individual is distinctly intuitive and sensitive to their environment. 

You are protective of your home environment and, much like the sign’s symbol, use it to escape everyday stress. Comfort is key for your sign, so we suggest embracing cushions, throws and rugs to add a level of cosiness. To help create a cosy sanctuary for 2023, include neutral tones and heirloom antiques. 

Items to consider:

  • A fluffy throw; 
  • Warm lighting through lamps; 
  • A monochrome print. 


As the life of the party, you need a home that allows for plenty of entertainment whilst also ensuring you are always in the spotlight! Bold and glamorous interior furnishings that embrace colour and metallic finishes are a must. We suggest incorporating hints of red in your interior this 2023. 

Items to consider:

  • A big statement chandelier;
  • A statement mirror with backlighting;
  • Statement wallpapers. 


Logical order and organisation are key to the home of a Virgo! 

You need minimalism and a space for every one of your objects to create a sense of calm. Your systematic approach to interiors means you are attracted to clean lines and neutral shades and finishes. This year, consider embracing stone and timber furniture, even when choosing your storage furniture.

Items to consider:

  • An interesting desk Lamp; 
  • Neatly organised shelving lined with your favourite books;
  • A curved armchair.


Elegant and creative, Libra is most at home when surrounded by soft colours, warm lighting and a sense of space. 

So naturally, your home needs to be uncluttered, ensuring that each of your interior picks is carefully considered for a seamless interior. In fact, this sign makes for the best interior designers as they carefully consider every aspect of a home, from beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers to delicious, scented candles. 

Items to consider:

  • A metallic statement floor lamp to provide a warm glow;
  • A warm velvet seating addition; 
  • A warm timber storage unit. 


Scorpios are mysterious creatures that secretly (or not so secretly) love drama and mystery. 

In the interior space, this translates to bold colours, richly textured fabrics and tactile homewares. This year it’s all about the emerald green, burgundy and plum tones and rich leather, silk and natural timber fabrics. 

Items to consider:

  • Sculptural elements displayed on a plinth;
  • A warm toned rug;
  • Indoor plants.


You constantly feel a sense of wanderlust and curiosity and feel most at home in foreign lands.

Bring adventure and culture to your interior with fabulously textured Turkish rugs and Moroccan footstools. As a storyteller, the Sagittarius home needs to have elements of nature with indoor plants and a feeling of flexibility. 

Items to consider:

  • Collected artworks from your travels or printouts of your photos;
  • A patterned Moroccan rug;
  • A textured footstool. 


Governed by organisation and time, the Capricorn needs to be secure, solid and structured in every aspect of their life. 

You will embrace a stylish office space where storage is carefully considered, and intelligent technology works seamlessly. You are traditional and elegant with your interior style and tend to lean towards classic pieces alongside vintage and antique collectables. The common theme? Tidy timelessness. 

Items to consider:

  • A pair of classic Danish-inspired timber armchairs; 
  • A neutral coffee table book by your favourite designer;
  • A large neutral artwork for added interest.


Eccentric and harmonious all at once, the home of an Aquarius is the most interesting to visit.

Their walls are lined with inspiring artworks and unique objects from independent and local designers. You need time for reflection and tend to formulate your creative ideas in a calm setting with unconventional items. Let your creativity run free this 2023; think perspex chairs and eclectic sofas. You will forgo comfort for style. 

Items to consider:

  • A bold brutalist sideboard;
  • A statement armchair;
  • A quirky side table.


Inspired by dreams and art, the gentle Pisces embraces dreamy, spiritual interiors. 

Swirling and curved abstracts are your go-to and your need for fluffy cushions, soft throws and mood lighting to create a world of endless fantasy. No bold patterns for you, just muted and soft colours.

Items to consider:

  • Abstract artwork with curves and earthy colours;
  • A natural rattan seating option or side chair;
  • A beautiful table lamp for your favourite reading spot.

We hope our recommendations have inspired your selection of homewares and approach to interior styling. So make your mark this 2023 Vidas and ensure your home accurately represents you. 

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