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Underground Services


Underground services (you’ll thank us later)

What are they and why should you care?

Now that the slab has been laid (and the slab party has been filed in the forever memory bank), a crucial part of the building process is next—one you’ll absolutely thank us for later—the underground services. Now we know at this part in the building process everyone is so keen to get into their new home (obviously), but you will want us to take our time on this step. 

The four seriously important underground services

This process includes setting up the required essentials underneath the home structure. Usually, these services include:

  • 1. Water supply – you can’t get far (or clean) without this hooked up
  • 2. Sanitary drainage – see, you wouldn’t want to skip this step, would you?
  • 3. Sewerage – *ahem* as per above
  • 4. Hot water – not all of us can follow the ice man into euphoria 

Why underground, you ask?

For convenience, safety, and aesthetic reasons of course. You wouldn’t want these things to be running through your home and messing with the flow of furniture—Lulu from Aesthete Collective would be seriously unimpressed. These underground services are all about the function of the home … seriously, without it you could be swimming up Schitts Creek without a paddle (sorry for the visual).

Less risk, more reward 

Most importantly though, having your services set up underground helps avoid risks associated with natural disasters or accidents. In places where storms are frequent, it would be best if your service wires and pipes didn’t get destroyed and you’re stuck in the dark and unable to flush your toilet. Doesn’t exactly make for a fun blackout party.

Time to break new (under)ground

Now is the time to get things hooked up properly and discreetly. During this process of underground services, our professionals take the time to place everything in the exact right locations around the home. 

This is a part of the planning you wouldn’t want to get wrong—actually it’s pretty essential that you have the best people on the job the whole way through—as it allows us to be easily ready for hook-ups to fixtures, fittings, and appliances later down the road (think taps, toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines).

Forward thinkers 

When it comes to underground services, our skilled technicians will even ensure the perfect ‘fall’ that makes sure the water is guaranteed to flow through the system perfectly, preventing blockages and expensive repairs later down the line (it’s the kind of future-proofing you should always expect in a new build). 

At this point, we can consider plumbing drains, the electrical run, and stormwater installation effectively ticked off our to-do lists. Next is cleaning the site to get ready for your building materials to arrive.

Underground services: check. What’s up next?

Once your underground services are done (which of course includes the earthworks and the slab pour ), it’s time for bricks. This is where everything starts to take serious shape and you quickly forget all those late nights reading contracts (sorry for the reminder)! 
But, before the bricks, if you haven’t already read all about these underground milestones that got you to this point, we suggest you go back a few blogs before you get too far … if we can’t convince you, perhaps the mention of a slab party will!

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