Perth House and Land Packages Under $250,000


Because your remarkable life needs a home.

Life’s remarkable, and the little moments between the big ones matter.

Coffee with friends, a Friday night takeaway, a long-weekend road trip… because it has to be fun. The same goes for your new home! You shouldn’t have to sacrifice life’s little pleasures to own a place of your own.

Our house and land packages under $250,000 include the cost of the land, home
design and site works. Plus, we’re adding an e-interior design consult, your very
own 24/7 building portal, exclusive tours and more. At no extra cost.

Oh no! Where'd they go?

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It’s a big deal…

This is your home base, where you get to make your mark on this world in the way that only you can

The house

Are you a Jamie Oliver wannabe or an Uber Eats loyalist? Do you need a spare bedroom for the in-laws (or would you prefer they stay somewhere – anywhere – else)?

Choose from one of our architecturally designed plans or create a custom one to suit you. Each comes spec’d up with custom WA-made cabinetry, GTEK no-crack Smartwalls, premium 900mm kitchen appliances and more.

The land

Is the ocean an integral part of your DNA? Or do you crave a home among the vines?

We work with the best developers in the business to give you a multitude of ever-
changing and growing communities to choose from. North, South or East of the Swan, you’ll find the perfect plot of WA land for your home.

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